No. 48 winter 2000/2001

"No matter what the state of a river, I find beauty, desecration and sometimes a perplexing combination. I am never interested in showing just the beauty or just the mess we've made. Both things are true. Both interest me because they are there." Karen Halverson, noted photographer


     The Chicopee River Watershed Council recently took an important step forward in its' organizational life. The "watershed event", held January 20th at the Hotel Northampton, focused on producing our organization's first multi-year business plan. As many of you know, we have approached every year on an individual basis. What got accomplished was dependent upon each director's ability or desire to contribute. Although this mode of operation has served us well it also has kept us from focusing on long-term goals and growing as an organization. Our current group of directors saw the need to lay out a plan for the future As a result of this retreat, and subsequent sessions, ChicRWC will grow to meet its full potential to become the preeminent voice for water resource protection in the Chicopee basin.

     Several broad categories were chosen for further development. From these, directors will prioritize and break them down into tasks that will be the basis of our work plan. Directors were mindful of the need to make goals realistic and achievable. By laying out a strategy for growth and taking responsibility for achieving goals we will be more focused on meeting the vision of our organization.

     We want to thank Mike Garvey and Nova Chemicals for making this important event possible. Nova covered the cost of the facility as well as the services of Walter Bickford who acted as facilitator for the day.