Logo of the Chicopee River Watershed Council - The Chicopee River Watershed Council, Chicopee, Massachusetts, is a community based citizens' advocacy organization, established in 1988.

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  • The Chicopee River is just 17 miles long

  • The Chicopee River Basin (drainage area) of 721 square miles is the largest in Massachusetts and the largest tributary area to the Connecticut River

  • The Chicopee River Watershed includes all or part of 32 cities and towns

  • The Chicopee River drops 260 feet along its 17 mile length. The Connecticut River drops just 50 feet from Chicopee to Long Island Sound

  • There are six hydropower dams on the Chicopee River

  • The average flow of the Chicopee River is 900 cubic feet per second, or about 581,644,800 gallons per day

  • You can make a difference by joining and/or participating in our efforts

  • The Chicopee River Watershed Council is an all volunteer organization that depends on the commitment and efforts of people who share a common vision for the future of our waterways

spacerA river is more than an amenity; it is a Treasure.
spacerOliver Wendell Holmes